jQuery ScrollAppear Demo About the demo


About the demo

This is the initial code to start jQuery ScrollAppear:

            ElementAffect : ".boxdiv",
            ElementsToShow : 5,
            AddClass : 'showthis',
            Timeout : 0

In this demo, the page is preloaded with 6 divs already shown (using the 'showthis' class). These elements are not captured by the plugin.

When using the AddElements button (not part of the plugin), elements will be added after the prefabricated ones, you'll need to scroll to the bottom to see them. Elements you generate will have a green background.

Not part of the demo, just here to pay the bills :)

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So I was running around the internet late on Sunday night like a crazy person when I thought I’d jump on over to new.myspace.com to see if they had made any additions/updates to the site. Not much on the surface but when you have a little look around you start to find a couple of […]

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