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So I was running around the internet late on Sunday night like a crazy person when I thought I’d jump on over to to see if they had made any additions/updates to the site. Not much on the surface but when you have a little look around you start to find a couple of fun little things!

Searching for The Beatles on

Performing a search on


I was able to browser around what sort of media they have available including what seems to be some test profiles and the like. I really enjoyed the interface they have got so far. I was able to play some of the songs on the “radio” but most of them didn’t seem to work when I was testing last night.

I’ve posted a quick video of searching (.mov, 4.2mb), which I cut up a little because the load time between searches was a little painful.

I also improved my music knowledge while exploring new myspace last night. Turns out there is a band called Test Icicles from London (according to wikipedia). I thought it was a fun joke from the guys at myspace. Real life band.


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